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         Paulie’s New Era Fitted hats!

Now available at Vinnie’s the coveted “grey bottom” fitted, including the classic New York Yankee blue.

 Prodigy on the Mo’nique show in Paulie’s jeans and White Raven jacket from Vinnie’s!

          Hustle Hard Mouse Book Signing

Hustle Hard’s own Mouse was live at Vinnie’s Styles for his book signing “Gangsta’s Don’t Die”, check out the footage and a brief Interview with some of the Vinnie’s crew. 

          Fabolous’ Fly in Vinnie’s wear over the years

Taking a look back at some of our homey Fab’s looks through the years in Vinnie’s gear. Fabolous has been a Vinnie’s supporter for the longest and one of our flyest as evidenced in the pictures above. These are just a couple looks; we couldn’t give out all his style in one dose. Stay tuned you’ll definitely see more from Vinnie’s and Fabolous soon!

         Paulie’s On the Prowl!
Paulie’s has grown each year with new graphics, designs, logos and now our very own character “The Night Prowler”.  A happy skull faced guy, cruising the county of Kings with a bat, just in case trouble should find him. The night prowler makes his debut on this Kings County classic shirt representing his brand and their mission “Genuine Quality for those who can endure”. Look for more cameo’s from the night prowler this summer and stop by Vinnie’s while these shirts are still in stock.